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10 Types of in Operating Systems for Computers

Various operational Systems for Computers – For those of you who have a laptop device, it’s no interloper to the OS or OS, like Windows, raincoat OS et al.. very little is explained that the OS could be a code that is functioning to run a program and therefore the link between hardware and code. For a lot of details, you’ll be able to scan the article regarding the understanding of the OS.


In the OS their square measure several types. every OS has blessings and downsides. Some OS developers, like Microsoft and Apple, use options that dissent from each other.

In this article, we’ll make a case for the assorted operational systems on a laptop, together with their blessings and downsides.



MS-DOS, or Microsoft Disk Operation System, is an Associate in Nursing earlier OS created by Microsoft for IBM computers. MS-DOS is additionally the middle of these operational systems. during this OS, the looks remain formed sort of a prompt wherever there’s solely writing and no pictures, for show colors, also are still black and white.

MS-DOS has the advantage of being terribly little in size, as a result of it solely displays in writing. With such a tiny low size, storage memory usage is additionally comparatively little.

Besides its blessings, MS-DOS has disadvantages like show solely within the variety of text or writing and additionally the absence of pictures. For commands still within the variety of writing code that is tough to grasp and additionally bear in mind.



The widest used OS by laptop users is Windows. over eightieth of users favor using this OS. Windows is an Associate in Nursing OS created and developed by Microsoft. This OS could be the development of MS-DOS. once MS-DOS has been stopped for the event of its version, then Windows is here to exchange it,

Different from its precursor, Windows includes a graphical show interface like footage and additionally has several colors. With this visual show makes it simple for users to use and operate computers

Windows is employed on IBM computers and is that the OS that’s widely used nowadays. Not just for IBM computers, Windows additionally penetrated into varied sorts and alternative laptop brands.

The first version of Windows that was developed was version one.0 that was created in 1983. Then from the primary version that Microsoft developed so far, and therefore the most up-to-date version is Windows ten that was created in 2015.

The advantage of the Windows OS could be a complete and colorful visual look. Windows is straightforward for laptop users to grasp. Windows is additionally a compatible OS or is often used on several computers with totally different brands and kinds. to beat issues that exist on the system, Windows has navigation tips that square measure simple to grasp.

While the dearth of the Windows OS is, to use it on a laptop, you have got to pay to shop for a Windows license, as a result of this OS isn’t open supply or not free. As for alternative shortcomings, the safety system remains comparatively weak, with this laptop at risk of viruses and additionally simply hacked.



Macintosh OS or raincoat OS is an Associate in Nursing OS created by a large Apple company. raincoat OS could be a special OS created for Macintosh computers or computers created by Apple solely.

Mac OS was created and launched in 1984 that is employed on LISA computers. raincoat OS is that the OS that 1st introduced the visual show interface within the variety of show pictures and colors. once the emergence of this raincoat OS, Windows competitors mimic the planning of raincoat OS for the event of the OS.

The first version launched by Apple was a raincoat OS system, which was created in 1984. For the newest version at this point, Apple named the versions of raincoat OS X or ten, ranging from 2001 to 2014.

The advantages possessed by the raincoat OS OS that’s having a stable system performance, this makes it simple for laptop users to multitask quickly. In distinction to Windows, the extent of security found within the raincoat OS OS is sort of high. in order that the system isn’t simply hacked and tough to infiltrate a pestilence.

Lack of raincoat OS that’s for the OS isn’t open supply, you have got to pay to use this OS. For the value is sort of big-ticket. Another downside, as a result of raincoat OS, is just used for computers created by Apple, the OS isn’t compatible with alternative brands of computers.



The OS developed by many programmers like Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie was totally funded by the yank Department of Defense (DARPA) in 1965. the operating system was a project that was antecedently referred to as Multix or Multiplexed data and laptop Service.

This operating system OS is an Associate in Nursing OS that’s designed for multiuser use, and may additionally do multitasking which might be utilized by users at the same time.

Unix is an OS that’s totally different from alternative operational systems. the operating system is used for the OS of a server laptop and additionally a digital computer. additionally, the operating system additionally includes a conveyable OS, that you’ll be able to use on every kind of computer.

As explained higher than, the operating system has the advantage of getting multitasking capabilities and additionally includes a conveyable OS that will be used on every kind of computer. Seain that operating system includes a free OS which will be utilized by anyone and additionally for secure security, creating it tough for computers to be infected with viruses.

Besides the benefits, as for the disadvantages of an operating system, namely, for the dimensions of the OS, that’s quite massive. {unix|UNIX|UNIX system|UNIX operational system|operating system|OS} additionally does not have several drivers compared to alternative operating systems like Windows or raincoat OS. Visual look on the operating system is also not terribly enticing.



Maybe you are doing not acknowledge this UNIX operating system OS, as a result of its use UNIX operating system remains so much behind compared to Windows or raincoat OS. UNIX operating system OS could be the development of an operating system. UNIX operating system is Associate in Nursing open supply OS wherever you’ll be able to use this OS for free of charge.

Linux was created and developed by Finnish Heisinski college man named Linus Torvalds in 1991. UNIX operating system is Associate in Nursing OS developed from its precursor, Unix. At the start of its unleash around 1990 to 2000, the UNIX operating system was solely used for net server computers, network servers, and information servers.

Linux is often utilized by programmers for the event of a program or application. similar to the operating system, UNIX operating system is additionally Associate in Nursing OS which will be used on any variety of laptops. With the antelope (Gnu Not Unix) license, you as a user will amendment the prevailing ASCII text file on UNIX operating system illicitly.

The advantages of the {linux|Linux|UNIX|UNIX system|UNIX operational system} OS square measure operating systems that square measure open supply and may be used even developed by users for free of charge. For memory device capability that’s used solely needs a comparatively little memory. UNIX operating system additionally has secure security, is resistant to viruses or malware.

Their square measure some disadvantages of this UNIX operating system OS, for the interface show is sort of difficult to grasp. If someone likes enjoying games, UNIX operating system is Associate in Nursing OS that you just don’t seem to be needed to use. as a result of the UNIX operating system doesn’t support diversion desires on your laptop or laptop computer. For any installation, it’s tougher than Windows.



When you hear the word chrome, I have to discuss it with the Google Chrome browser application. It clad that Google created an Associate in Nursing OS referred to as Chrome OS. The OS that is from the UNIX operating system family could be a project from Google that began on Gregorian calendar month seven, 2009 and was free in 2011.

Chrome OS is that the OS used for a Chromebook laptop computer launched by genus Acer and Samsung. This OS is sometimes used for those of you to use a laptop on the web. For the prevailing interface solely browsing applications, media players like audio and video, and file manager.

This OS has the advantage of being Associate in Nursing OS that you just will use for free of charge and may even be used for computers with low specifications appropriate for education. however, it lacks an Associate in Nursing incomplete look like alternative operational systems. And additionally to use Chrome OS you need to have a Chromebook laptop computer.



Remix OS is an Associate in Nursing OS that’s arguably distinctive, as a result of it will run robot programs and applications on your laptop. Created by Jide Technologies in 2016 that is Associate in Nursing OS specifically for x86 or thirty-two-bit computers. Remix OS is formed in order that robot users will expertise on a laptop.

The Remix OS OS is often used on your thirty-two-bit laptop free of charge and may be downloaded on the official web site. however albeit it’s free, Remix OS users square measure still comparatively few, and still cannot contend with Windows or raincoat OS.

For now, the event of Remix OS has been stopped by Jide Technologies in 2017. Remix OS has solely three versions, particularly Remix OS for laptop, Remix OS for Ultratablet Remix and Remix OS for mini Remix.



Amiga OS is Associate in Nursing OS developed 1st by commissioned naval officer International in 1985 underneath the name Amiga a thousand. Amiga OS is formed and solely used for Amiga computers. similar to Windows and raincoat OS, Amiga OS has blessings within the show interface to facilitate its users.

Lack of Amiga OS OS is that for its use it cannot on computers apart from Amiga computers. With this Amiga OS isn’t renowned by laptop users as a result of its special OS.



The Solaris OS is an Associate in Nursing OS launched by Oracle and developed by Sun Microsystems. Solaris could be a family of UNIX operating systems that will be used on thirty two-bit, sixty-four bit and SPARC (Scalable Processor Architecture) computers.

Currently, Solaris OS is healthier referred to as Oracle Solaris, Associate in Nursing OS that’s simple to use for laptop users. Solaris is an Associate in Nursing open supply OS which will be used freed from charge on your laptop.

Solaris has the advantage of being a lot of stable and superior compared to alternative operational systems. you furthermore might as a user are often liberated to use for free of charge and may be modified or distributed back to the general public.

The disadvantage is that the paid version of the Solaris OS, that is comparatively big-ticket. As for the prevailing driver functions still, have poor work.



Usually, the prevailing OS is formed from the outside. Dutch East Indies additionally doesn’t need to lose to introduce its artificial OS. Garuda OS is an Associate in Nursing OS created by the youngsters of the state, perhaps for the recognition and options that square measure still inferior compared to windows. however as voters of Dutch East Indies, we tend to should be proud, as a result of we’ve technology merchandise within the variety of native operational systems.

Garuda OS could be a Linux-based OS developed by the GarudaONE company. are often used freed from charge on your laptop. For its performance, it’s additionally quite safe with secure security free from viruses and additionally has high stability. This feature in hand by Garuda OS isn’t inferior to windows, has driver support and has several language selections besides Indonesian.

That’s the sorts of operational systems and their blessings and downsides. perhaps you’re not accustomed to a number of the operational systems higher than. With this text, you recognize a touch a lot of, that the OS isn’t solely Windows and raincoat OS. several operational systems exist besides those higher than. Hopefully, this text will offer you with data and supply helpful new data.