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Various Smartphone Operating Systems Other Than Android

Smart Device Os – Smart devices have ended up being the most extensively used modern technology throughout the world. Smart devices help individuals to alleviate and streamline their day-to-day job. It can send messages swiftly, telephone, as well as also assist to do something difficult with the guidelines on the internet.

Inside the Smart device, there are essential gadgets to assist the smartphone work procedure. Equipment such as display displays, cameras, batteries, and more. As for software programs such as applications, programs, and also operating systems.

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In this short article, a discussion regarding numerous kinds of operating systems on mobile phones will certainly exist. In the previous article, the understanding of the os and its functions have actually been discussed. Here are some kinds of operating systems that get on mobile phones until now.


Definitely you currently identify Android, even for ordinary people who have never become aware of the name Android. This Android operating system is the os most commonly made use of by users and also smartphone makers. Many popular smart device brand names such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and also a lot more have an Android operating system.

The operating system that has a green robotic logo design was first developed in 2004 by the Android Inc. business. and in 2005 it was bought as well as acquired by the giant Google business. Android is an operating system established based on the Linux kernel.

Android is an open resource os which can be used for free as well as freely made use of by anyone. Mobile phone customers and also makers can alter, customize, and also rearrange without policies as well as licenses.

For versions released by Android, make use of the name of pleasant foods such as donuts, Marshmellow, Orange, and also others. With the naming, the variation introduced by Android has a special impression and naturally very easy to keep in mind.


The os that is only made use of for smart devices made by Apple Inc. Like the iPhone. Due to its unique use, iOS is an operating system that is closed source, unlike Android.

iphone was introduced in 2007 in addition to the Apple iPhone by the late Apple creator Steve Jobs. At first, this os was called the iPhone OS and also altered in 2010 to Apple’s iphone.

It has actually tighter security compared to the Android operating system. This makes your smart device immune to a virus. However, iphone has a price that is quite costly contrasted to Android.


Windows is not just present as an operating system on a computer. Windows comes produced mobile phones with the name Windows Phone. This operating system is made by a large Microsoft firm, and also is still being created today. Windows phone is a replacement for the previous operating system, Windows Mobile

Similar to iphone, the Windows phone is a shut source os. Mobile phone customers, as well as makers, can not just use it. With a shut operating system, Windows Phone has quite limited safety.


The operating system created especially for Blackberry smartphones. Created as well as developed by Study moving (RIM). BlackBerry OS is an os that has a programming language utilizing Java.

BlackBerry OS is an os that saves battery compared to various other operating systems. But also for applications and includes given a little, very little like iOS or Android.


Firefox OS is an os created as well as created by Mozilla. Is a newly introduced operating system, has a Linux shows a base. For its nature Open up resource or complimentary can be developed and re-distributed openly.

Besides the open resource operating system, Firefox OS is still seldom recognized by the public, and also for usage on smartphones is still relatively small.


Prior to the Android operating system was launched, Symbian OS was the os most extensively made use of by mobile users. Created by the business Symbian Ltd. However, in the end, it was bought by a big Nokia firm.

Symbian OS is extensively utilized as well as utilized on Nokia cellphones. Besides Nokia, there are additionally various other brands of mobile phones such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens, and also previous smart phones. Symbian OS is an open resource os, which you can make use of freely as well as for free.

With the existence of the IOS and Android operating systems, making Symbian populated and now it is very unusual for smart devices to utilize this operating system. Yet for Symbian OS job performance is fairly rapid and also does not call for a high CPU.


Samsung as soon as made an os called Bada which was just committed to Samsung smartphones. Bada is an os developed and developed in 2009 originating from Korea which has a deep nautical definition.

Previously Samsung made use of the Android operating system, Windows phone, and also Bada OS. However, due to competitiveness with Android, Samsung is now introducing the Android operating system more. Slowly the advancement of Bada OS is starting to be quit.


Hand OS or additionally called Garnet OS, is a mobile operating system created and also created in 1996 by Palm Inc. Hand OS is utilized on a range of smart phones, such as smart devices, watches and also various other mobile devices.

That’s the conversation regarding the various operating systems that are on smart devices. For now, using the operating system for smart device mobile phones is still being offered by Android. Since for many users, the user interface displayed is likewise easy to understand.